Understanding ADHD – 4: 5 celebrities who were diagnosed with ADHD

Understanding ADHD – 4: 5 celebrities who were diagnosed with ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the common mental disorders characterized by inattention, hyperactivity, etc. Though it is commonly diagnosed in children, the disorder also affects a large number of adults. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), approximately 60 percent of children with ADHD in the U.S. attain adulthood with the condition, constituting about 4 percent of the adult population or 8 million people aged 18 or more.

Due to the increased openness about mental disorder, a number of celebrities, including athletes, musicians, actors and TV personalities, have come out discussing their ADHD problem. These celebrities, through their candid talks, are playing a key role in spreading awareness about ADHD and removing stigma attached to it.

In the last article of our series “Understanding ADHD,” here we enlist some renowned people who went on to set new milestones in their respective fields despite suffering from the mental condition:

1. Michael Phelps: The legendary American swimmer who also happens to be the most decorated Olympian ever, was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of nine. During childhood, he witnessed problem in concentrating and finishing his schoolwork. Encouragement to learn swimming helped Phelps in improving his condition by developing self-discipline and concentration. Despite the ongoing medication, it was his stringent swimming routine and the soothing effects of water that assisted him in coping with ADHD.

2. Howie Mandel: Howie Mandel, a Canadian stand-up comedian and an acclaimed host of the NBC game show “Deal or No Deal,” grew up struggling with both ADHD and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), as none of the disorders had been officially diagnosed till then. It was only when the actor turned impulsive and lost focus during his adulthood that he was actually diagnosed with both the disorders. Through medications and therapy sessions, Mandel has been successfully dealing with the disorders.

3. Ty Pennington: This American television host and artist has been suffering from ADHD since his childhood. Due to his hyperactiveness, Pennington was often considered a distraction to other children in the classroom. To channel the above symptoms in the right direction, he takes medicines timely and also sees a psychiatrist. He has shown considerable improvement over time.

4. James Carville: James Carville, a well-known American political analyst and successful strategist of the 1992 presidential election of Bill Clinton, had not been so focused all through his life. As ADHD remained undiagnosed for long, he even failed in his exams due to his mental condition. It was only in his late 50s that Carville was diagnosed with ADHD after he went to see a doctor on his wife’s request. At the time of detection of this disorder, he was unable to sit still or pay attention on anything.

5. Karina Smirnoff: The American professional ballroom dancer, known for the popular TV dance show “Dancing with the Stars,” was diagnosed with ADHD in 2009. For long, she has struggled with several symptoms, such as inattention, hyperactiveness and impulsiveness. In order to encourage others, she has been open about her condition.

Diagnosis on time is important

If diagnosed at the right time, treatment of ADHD is possible. One should also ensure that the condition does not impact his or her life or stop him or her from being happy. With adequate support, one can easily identify his or her problem and successfully overcome them.

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