Senate Appropriations Committee recommends budget cut for Department of Mental Health

Senate Appropriations Committee recommends budget cut for Department of Mental Health

The Senate Appropriations Committee has proposed a budget cut of over $45 million for the Department of Mental Health (DMH). On Feb. 14, 2017, the committee passed multiple appropriations bills for state agencies, commissions and boards as a move proceeding the upcoming budget session.

According to Buck Clarke, chairman of the committee, the budget cut is applicable to most of the agencies and will be brought into force from July 1, 2017, when the budget fiscal year commences. The reduction in fund has been suggested keeping in mind the revenue shortage.

According to Senator Angela Burks Hill, the presenter of Senate Bill 2976, the recommendation is likely to result in fund reduction of 7 percent in the overall budget of the department. Hill said that even though the proposed budget reduction is very high, it approximately measures up to the hikes that the state has given to the department in the last five years.

Effect on mental health services

The Department of Mental Health has been subjected to cost-cutting for several years now. This year’s cut, however, can lead to discontinuation of multiple services (as reviewed from previous years’ budget cutting on DMH):

  • Closure of psychiatric centers that provide services to the people grappling with serious mental illnesses that necessitate close monitoring.
  • Closure of units catering exclusively to the treatment of patients suffering from addictionto substances. Treatment for substance abuse generally comprises a detoxification program, medical therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), group therapy, etc.
  • Withdrawal of early intervention services where special instructions are given to children at a very young age to enhance their behavioral development.

The prime focus of the DMH has been to disseminate quality services to the people grappling with mental disorders and substance abuse. However, the budget slash will lead to a serious staff reduction, thus affecting the services. In such a scenario, Medicaid eligibility expansion is imperative to ensure that nobody is deprived of health services and care.

Sovereign Health can help

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