NBA player Kevin Love comes out in open about his mental problem

NBA player Kevin Love comes out in open about his mental problem

After grappling with mental disorder in silence for several years, National Basketball Association (NBA) player Kevin Love has disclosed about his struggles with panic attacks. In an essay for The Player’s Tribune, Love gave a detailed account of his panic attack during a game this season and shared that for most part of his life, he was afraid to admit if something was wrong with him. “For 29 years, I thought about mental health as someone else’s problem,” wrote the five-time All-Star in his essay.

Love said that he was reeling under anxiety that hit him hard on Nov. 5, 2017, during a home game against Atlanta Hawks. He revealed that he had some family problems and not slept well for a few days. After being winded in the first half for 15 minutes, he had a panic attack, with his heart racing and difficulty in catching breath in the timeout session of the third quarter. Love felt that everything around him was spinning and his brain was trying to get off his head. Though Love was taken to the Cleveland clinic, the tests did not reveal anything abnormal. He resumed playing at a high level but was stressed out about people finding out about what happened to him.

On Jan. 20, 2018, Love experienced another attack during a game against Oklahoma City, and he missed the practice session as well the next day. The Cleveland Cavaliers forward was weary of showing his weakness as he was aware of the stigma associated with a mental condition. He shared that growing up like others, he was also made to figure out how a boy is supposed to behave. It was like following a playbook about being strong, not talking about the feelings to others, the player wrote. He said that he too followed that playbook for 29 years of his life.

Fortunately, Love was encouraged by the Cavaliers to consult a therapist. Now, whenever the team plays in the home ground, he visits a counselor a few times in a month. Love mustered courage to discuss about his mental condition openly only after Toronto Raptors’ DeMar DeRozan recently revealed his fight against depression. “The reality is that we probably have a lot in common with what our friends and colleagues and neighbors are dealing with,” Love said. He emphasized on the need to have an environment where people would be comfortable and forthcoming in talking about their mental health problems.

Road to recovery

An untreated mental illness can interfere with one’s moods, feelings and behavior, and affect everyday activities. A little bit of anxiety is experienced by most of us, but when it is recurrent and unreasonable, it is a sign of an anxiety disorder that demands proper diagnosis and treatment. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), anxiety disorders are the most common mental condition in the U.S., affecting nearly 40 million people aged 18 and older every year. The ADAA also reports that though an anxiety disorder can be treated, only 36.9 percent of those suffering from the mental condition receive treatment.

So, the key to dealing with any mental disorder is to seek professional treatment. Reputed for treating mental and behavioral disorders, Sovereign Health offers individualized and evidence-based recovery plans at its state-of-the-art mental health treatment centers in California. For more information about our top-notch mental health facilities in California or to locate our finest anxiety disorders treatment centers near you, call our 24/7 helpline number at (866) 954-0529 or chat live with a counselor.

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