National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month: Family members’ support can help ward off suicide risk

National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month: Family members’ support can help ward off suicide risk

The United States has been witnessing a significant increase in suicide rates in recent years. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), more than 44,000 people die by suicide every year, making it the 10th leading cause of death in the country. It may not be possible to enlist all the factors that increase vulnerability in some people to suicidal ideation, but experts maintain family can play an important role in preventing people from taking such an extreme step.

It is not difficult to understand if someone around needs help. It’s just that loved ones need to be a little alert and proactive. Studies show that individuals grappling with a mental disorder are more vulnerable to commit suicide compared to those who do not suffer from any psychological illness. Also, people with psychiatric issues usually find it difficult to share their problems. Experts suggest how the support of family members can help bring down suicide rates. It is necessary that they understand factors that can compel people to take the extreme step. Family members and caregivers can support their loved ones, who are mentally ill, by taking the following steps:

  • trying to prevent snowballing of depression and anxiety feelings
  • increasing communication with people known to harbor suicidal thoughts
  • providing a safe and reliable home environment
  • looking for potential substance abuse problems
  • checking for possible signs of mental illness
  • coercing loved ones to seek professional help immediately
  • ensuring that those affected do not isolate themselves from friends and relatives
  • keeping distressed people away from firearms at home

The role of family members and caregivers in curtailing the existing pervasiveness of suicide cannot be underestimated. Supportive relationships help depressed people develop necessary life skills. However, family members ridden with age-old myths about suicidal behavior tend to refrain themselves from discussing the issue in the open, which renders them incapable of preventing their loved ones from ending their own lives.

Every year, the “National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month” is observed in September to highlight the importance of talking and the futility of stigmatizing the problem which can only bring in more sadness and grief. Across the country, federal agencies and health care advocates organize seminars and events to spread necessary information about factors that can result in suicidal feelings, and how to tackle them. Extending a helping hand might go a long way in curbing the suicidal feelings in susceptible people.

Working together against suicide

The rising trend in suicide rates is a big issue that has not received due attention due to myths and misapprehensions surrounding it. On average, as many as 121 people commit suicide every day in the U.S. If you notice any loved one showing suicidal signs, do not ignore them. Be with them. Offer support during hours of suicidal crisis. Ask them if they need help and explain why suicide is not the solution to any problem. Encourage them to seek expert advice or adhere to treatment recommended by professionals.

For more information about suicidal ideation disorder treatment centers in Los Angeles, get in touch with Sovereign Health, a leading provider of mental health treatment services for people belonging to all age groups. It is necessary to understand that expert advice is needed for treating any kind of mental health problem to prevent a possibility of suicide. For more information about suicidal ideation disorder treatment in Los Angeles, call our 24/7 helpline or chat online with one of our representatives. Remember that suicidal feelings, if left untreated, can worsen things and change the course of life.

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