National Happiness Happens Day: 1 in 3 Americans is happy, reveals Harris Poll

National Happiness Happens Day: 1 in 3 Americans is happy, reveals Harris Poll

Happiness is a state of mind. In fact, it is a mental state of well-being produced by positive emotions. There is no particular single key to a happy frame of mind. Happiness depends upon many factors, such as health, social life, money, success and attitude, among others. It is difficult to pinpoint at one single factor that can serve as the elixir to achieve a permanent state of happiness.

The United States has witnessed massive changes in the past few years. Though not all changes have been positive, Americans maintain that they are happier in 2017 than they were a year ago. According to results of the 2017 Harris Poll Happiness Index published by TIME, as opposed to 31 percent in 2016, 33 percent of people surveyed in May 2017, said that they were happy.

Harris Poll carried out a survey of 2,202 people aged 18 years and above this year. However, the results do not cite the reasons that are making the Americans happy. Harris Poll CEO John Gerzema said, “It’s really interesting that Americans’ overall happiness went up from last year — a year of alt-facts, mean tweets and robots coming for our jobs. Either people are becoming immune to the news, or there’s a promise of change for so many Americans that felt alienated.”

To encourage Americans to be happy all the time, the Secret Society of Happy People observes the “National Happiness Happens Day” on Aug. 8 every year. The purpose is to make people realize that happiness can be attained anywhere, at any point of time. Though the fast-paced lives today entail that one may only experience a few moments of delight and pleasure every day, it is necessary to recognize, treasure and relive them to prevent building up of undue stress.

Everyone deserves to be happy

While clinicians recommend undertaking appropriate measures for maintaining good mental health, the one thing that they miss out on reaffirming with their patients is to tell them to be happy. For those grappling with unrelenting symptoms of depression or grave mental disorders like schizophrenia and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), happiness may seem more like an illusion.

Good mental health is often described as a sense of psychological well-being or plain absence of mental health problems but in reality it encompasses much more. A positive frame of mind is only possible when one weaves threads of happiness into the tapestry of life regularly. Happiness can be easily achieved by following certain steps:

Start with basics: It is not necessary to undergo an hour-long meditation or start probing questions on self-identity. Following basic steps like going to sleep early or working on a full stomach can help in alleviating stress while also upping levels of happiness.

Get rid of fleeting annoyances: There may be many things that can make one angry or cause minor irritation. Expressing anger at every trivial issue magnifies bad feelings and lessen peace of mind. “Let go” is the mantra one needs to follow for long-term happiness.

Regular exercise: A healthy body begets a healthy mind. Exercise helps in boosting both psychological and physiological functioning of the body. A regular 30 minutes of jogging or light exercise helps kick off the blues.

Be happy to ensure good mental health

It is necessary to recognize what causes one to be happy. An individual should do the things that make him/her happy. The secret to finding happiness is to experience it at every step while one tries to attain it. It is akin to wanting to live at the top of the mountain while finding joy during climbing it.

Everybody wants to be happy. But mental health problems can take away the happiness from anyone at any point of time. So, it is always advisable to seek professional help if a person is grappling with severe psychiatric conditions. Experts at Sovereign Health not only help people get rid of recurring bouts of mental illnesses, but also support them during the rehabilitation process. Call our 24/7 helpline number 866-973-7164 to know about our mental health treatment center in California offering a comprehensive treatment plan for disorders like depression and anxiety. You may also get in touch with our online representatives for more information about our mental health treatment center in Los Angeles.

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