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Mental Disorders
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Mental Health Disorders

Mood Disorders

Mood disorders have split into two main camps: depressive and bipolar. Both conditions impact a person’s mood in a variety of negative ways, but a clear distinction must be made in order to better address the exclusive features of each problem.

Specialized treatment centers, such as Sovereign Mental Health, conduct detailed, dual diagnosis screenings for coexisting disorders and guide those suffering down the road of recovery.

Mental Health Disorders

Depressive Disorders

Diagnosed in children younger than 12 years old, the condition is characterized by frequent irritability and behavioral problems. Due to the chronic nature of most depressive and other mood conditions, it is vital to recognize the signs early to prevent these initial problems from developing into destructive behavior as life goes on. Know more

Mental Health Disorders

Bipolar Disorders

Bipolar disorder, formerly called manic depression, causes shifts in the mood and energy of a person that disrupts one’s daily life, work, school and relationships. These changes can occur over a few days, weeks or months. The most current diagnostic manual used by physicians (the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders,” 5th Edition, or (“DSM-V”). Know more

Mental Health Disorders

Anxiety Disorders

As the label implies, the fuel that drives these types of disorders is anxiety, an emotional response to real or perceived imminent threat. In healthy amounts, stress can inspire productive action and determination. Conversely, when these levels of anxiety can no longer be managed and reach higher and higher peaks in one’s life, anxiety disorders can cause excessive behavioral instability. Know more

Mental Health Disorders


Schizophrenia lies on a wide spectrum of cases and severities and has some of the largest symptom variations, so much so that not one feature is a clear indication of the condition. However, schizophrenia is one of numerous psychotic disorders, which have generally consistent symptom categories. One of these key features, delusions, consists of fantastical beliefs that are not affected by conflicting factual evidence.  Know more

Mental Health Disorders

Other Disorders

While there are major classes of mental illness such as those related to mood and anxiety, some particular disorders do not necessarily fit into a larger category. Examples of these different conditions include schizophrenia, self-injury, suicide ideation behavioral compulsions and addictions which can include substance abuse. Although these issues are not exactly similar to each other, each can be either life-threatening or seriously incapacitating and should be treated with the utmost care. Know more

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Mental Health Disorders

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Specialized treatment centers, such as Sovereign Health Group, conduct detailed, dual diagnosis screenings for coexisting disorders and guide clients through the process of recovery. If you or a loved one needs help or more information, please contact us at (866) 957-9313.

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Mental Health Disorders

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Mental Health Disorders


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Mental Health Disorders


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Mental Health Disorders


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Mental Health Disorders
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