Mental Health Awareness Month: Stephen Fry opens up about battle with mental illness

Mental Health Awareness Month: Stephen Fry opens up about battle with mental illness

“Positive thinking is the key to success and happiness.” – Anonymous

The path to success is not a cakewalk. It takes hard work and determination as well as the right attitude to stand strong against all storms that dissuade a person from achieving the desired goal.

The success story of comedian Stephen Fry exemplifies the importance of having a positive mindset while struggling to accomplish one’s dreams and living with a mental illness. In the recent Cambridge Union where he was one of their Easter term guests, Fry shared his experiences with bipolar disorder, his stint with comedy, and his friendship with J.K. Rowling, a British novelist who is best known as the author of the Harry Potter series.

Fry tickled the funny bones of the audience as he recounted his experience of spending three months in prison before getting admission at the prestigious Queens’ College. He then went on to talk about his life, his mental health problems and everything in between.

Fry talks candidly about his mental illness

While speaking about his mental health issues, Fry, who is also the president of the mental health charity, Mind, a much-loved Blackadder star and the long-term former host of QI, a quiz show, said that living with mental health disorders was “not a death sentence” and it was possible to live a “loving and thrilling relationship” even after such a diagnosis.

Expressing his gratitude towards Cambridge, the comedian said, “I have nothing but fond memories. This place; I owe it everything. When I arrived at Queens’ College I was still on probation from prison for credit card fraud, but I didn’t tell them that and they didn’t ask me.”

Fry referred to his arrival at the Queens’ College as the “last desperate attempt” to leave the life of crime which he had been destined for.

Be vocal about mental illness

Fry said that it was important for those with mental health problems to talk about their feelings and problems with others, whether they are family, friends or someone else.

Further, he emphasized the importance of using wit and intelligence when supporting someone with a mental illness, since all minds are not the same and react differently in different situations and circumstances. He compared the condition with a situation when the same amount of alcohol is consumed by several individuals but each of them reacts differently.

“It’s the same with mental health and medication. Bipolar or anxiety disorder or obsessive compulsive disorder will play differently with different people’s different attributes and different feelings. I suppose one must use the affection you have for someone and try and figure out what they’d best respond to,” quoted Fry.

Treatment for mental illness

When celebrities like Stephen Fry, Prince Harry and Lady Gaga talk about their mental health problems openly, it goes a long way in removing the stigma associated with it.

With a similar intent in mind, U.S. observes the month of May as the Mental Health Awareness Month. With the additional aims of imparting education to people about the habits and behaviors that increase the risk of developing or exacerbating mental illnesses, providing support to the affected people and advocating for the equal care of people with mental illnesses, the month targets to help people develop a better understanding of mental illnesses.

It is imperative not only for the loved ones but also for the person dealing with mental illnesses to be aware of the intricacies of these conditions. Being aware is essential to entail the right support and treatment at the appropriate time.

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