Mental Health Awareness Month: Barbie’s vlog gives health tips to kids

Mental Health Awareness Month: Barbie’s vlog gives health tips to kids

Of late, several eminent personalities from around the globe have been vocal about their fights against mental illnesses, thus helping fight the stigma attached to it. Having experienced the harsh truth themselves and well aware of the impact of mental issues, these personalities have been doing their bit through talks and discussions to alter the way mental illnesses are perceived. The latest to join the league is Barbie, the celebrity doll – a prized possession for all girls.

In March 2016, the Barbie YouTube channel started a vlog “from Barbie,” titled “Feeling Blue? You’re Not Alone.” Although, the vlog (video blog) was not so popular initially, it gradually started garnering views. It has now been viewed for more than 3 million times after being reposted by the Facebook page “Superficial.” Captioned as “Barbie Just Ended Depression,” the video has been posted as part of one of the most prominent mental health campaigns focusing on kids.

Barbie’s mental health tips

With an aim to help young children understand that “it’s okay not to be okay,” the video is accessible by anyone who has been a Barbie fan. The vlog does not aim to depict mental illness as a crisis situation, but initiates a discussion before some major issues arise and assists kids with a language they might need in case they experience some struggle.

The video makes use of softer terms, such as “the blues” instead of “depression” or “mental health.” For instance, Barbie says in a video: “I woke up this morning feeling a little blue. No real reason I can think of, just blue.”

Apparently, it has been done to make children feel at ease and prevent them from using heavy terms so as to prevent panicking among parents. Through the video, Barbie has also shared some self-care tips, such as journaling, exercise, and organizing her room, to help one with mental illness feel better. She has also supported the idea of communicating with others about one’s mental illness so as to improve their health.

Barbie also explains smartly the fact that an individual who appears to be perfect and someone who is always happy can also have mental health issues. She explains this concept through her own identity when she is supposed to be a merry person all the time but still has her own days of feeling blue.

The vlog concludes with Barbie deciding not to be so hard on herself. She agrees that it’s not only her who is feeling that way. In fact, anyone can feel like her at some point in his/her life, which helps her feel better about herself.

Seeking help

The idea behind creating this video is not to promote Barbie, but to address the mental health issues bothering people world over. Breaking down the notion that mental health issues can be improved by just going for a brisk walk, it helps people understand that it’s okay not to be okay as there are others who are struggling too.

Even as the Mental Health Awareness Month, observed annually in May in the United States, comes to an end, let’s aim to continue spreading awareness on the habits and behaviors that increase the risk of developing or exacerbating mental illnesses, providing support to the affected people and advocating for the equal care of people with mental illnesses.

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