Kanye West hospitalized for exhaustion and sleep deprivation

Kanye West hospitalized for exhaustion and sleep deprivation

A good sleep is very important for a person’s mental and physical well-being. Sleep deprivation can increase a person’s risk to develop various health problems. One such case is of rapper Kanye West (39) who was reportedly admitted to UCLA Medical Center on November 21, 2016, to get treated for exhaustion and stress. The singer was admitted after a disturbance call from his residence. A leading cause of West’s exhaustion could be sleep deprivation due to his busy schedule, say reports.

Just a day before the hospitalization, West had canceled his Saint Pablo tour. And hours before checking into the hospital, West also canceled the 21 remaining tour dates scheduled through New Year’s Eve.

According to CNN, West was medically stable when he was taken to the hospital. Quoting sources, the People said that the reason for West’s hospitalization was a combination of increased amount of stress, exhaustion and lack of sleep. Sources close to West also added that the rapper is totally wiped out from touring and is unable to handle it all emotionally.

According to reports, with the death anniversary of West’s mother falling in November, he is also undergoing emotional stress. As his mother died in November, West has to work through the pain every year in the month.

According to People, people continue to offer support to the rapper amid speculations of mental health issues. After his hospitalization, celebrities across the globe have been sharing support messages on social media for West. Meanwhile, West’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, has been extremely supportive and is standing by him during his treatment.

With his family, friends and team around, West is getting all the support that he needs at the moment. After being admitted to the hospital, West underwent a psychiatric evaluation as he acted erratically at his personal trainer’s home. According to People, the rapper was not taken to the hospital against his wishes and that he had voluntarily sought medical help for his condition. According to the Associated Press (AP), though no criminal activity was involved, West was transported to the hospital where he was put on a psychiatric hold.

Mental problems on the rise in musicians

A recent study by the University of Westminster for Help Musicians UK, a charity for UK musicians, explored mental health and depression among musicians. The study, entitled, “Can music make you sick?” obtained data from 2,211 British music industry workers through an online questionnaire put up in May and June 2016, with most of its participants aged between 18 and 35 years. As per the study, 65 percent respondents reported to have suffered from depression, while 71 percent reported to have experienced anxiety and panic attack.

Though the study links music with depression and anxiety, it is not music that makes a person sick, but the condition under which the musicians work. The study cites poor working condition, exhaustion, crazy working hours and uncertain future as the reasons responsible for a spike in mental illnesses in the music industry.

Recovery road map

Depression and anxiety are some common health problems among Americans. The fast-paced life and unhealthy lifestyle are putting a lot of pressure on people, resulting in various mental conditions. If you know someone who is suffering from any mental disorder, contact Sovereign Health to know about the top mental health centers in California. Timely treatment is important to prevent any escalation of the problem. Call us at our 24/7 helpline number 866-973-7164 or chat online with our counselors to get more information on the top mental health rehabilitation centers in California.

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