Invest in employees’ mental health for higher returns

Invest in employees’ mental health for higher returns

Mental health is an individual’s condition pertaining to his/her emotional and psychological well-being. According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), approximately one in five adults in the U.S. experiences a mental illness in a given year.

Mental health disorders can affect any individual, manifesting in conditions such as depression, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder, etc. with symptoms like high stress levels, exhaustion, disturbed sleep patterns and substance abuse. When affecting an employee, these conditions can make him or her miss time from work and be less efficient. This, in turn, can result in loss for the company.

Employees’ mental health matters

There are a number of researches that support the fact that a sound mental health is not only important for an employee but for the employer as well. Given below are the ways in which sound mental health translates into success for a company:

1. Improved productivity: The biggest benefit of an employee’s good mental health comes in the form of reduced absenteeism from work. A healthy employee is more likely to stay motivated to work and recover quickly from his/her illness, in case it is diagnosed. Increased presence at work implies more productivity, better performance and thus more profits for the company.

2. Enhanced reputation: Taking care of the employees’ mental health not only benefits the existing employees, but also proves beneficial for the company’s reputation in the long run. This is essentially important when the company begins its process of recruitment. Following sound mental health practices also improves the company’s standing among its customers as well as in the eyes of the public as this demonstrates its sense of public responsibility.

3. Fosters positive environment: A supportive and safe working environment encourages healthy behavior and relationships. Some employers allow their employees to take time off to create a healthy life away from work. Alternatively, employers can plan team-building activities, access to substance abuse counseling, meditation classes, and mental health seminars in the workplace to exhibit his/her encouragement.

4. Reduced costs: Helping the employees maintain a sound mental and physical health can help reduce the costs to the company. From sick pay costs, insurance costs to recruitment and training costs, an employee with a healthy brain and physique not only lowers the financial burden on the company but also leads to gains in terms of higher productivity.

5. Improved business performance: A healthy staff delivers higher productivity and performance at his/her job. This, in turn, helps to improve the business results and profit margins, generating more revenues.

Road to recovery

Stress, depression and anxiety are some of the common causes behind staff’s absence from work. However, it is possible to avoid such situations by offering the right kind of help and support to the person. It is important for companies to make sure that their employees are well-informed and aware about the different mental disorders that might affect anyone. Fostering a healthy work-place culture, making treatment accessible to all, taking part in health promotion events and introducing well-being programs are some measures that can go a long way in ensuring a mentally healthy employee.

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