International Day of Yoga: 5 benefits of yoga on mental health

International Day of Yoga: 5 benefits of yoga on mental health

With its origin in ancient India, yoga has been benefitting the masses in various parts of the world. Practicing it not only improves an individual’s physical strength and flexibility, but it also helps in getting relief from pain, in ensuring desired weight loss, and managing chronic illnesses. The practice of yoga involves a mix of body postures and breathing techniques that help one attain a balance between the person’s body and mind.

Although the physical health benefits of this exercise are well-known and talked about, there is limited information about its mental, psychological, and cognitive benefits. Practicing yoga regularly alters an individual’s brain chemistry, ensuring various positive mental health benefits.

As people around the world observe the International Day of Yoga 2017 on June 21, here we list some of the major benefits of practicing yoga:

  1. Relaxes body and mind: Yoga involves a lot of physical exercises and stretching, which let one’s body relax and help improve the blood and nutrients supply to all parts. Practicing yoga activates the release of connective tissues, which improves the way one feels by helping him/her attain emotional stability.
  1. Helps combat mental health disorders: Yoga includes a combination of activities, such as relaxation, meditation, exercises, etc. Practicing this art helps an individual combat the risk of developing common mental health disorders like anxiety and depression. This happens because practicing yoga leads to an increased release of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter in the human brain that helps suppress neural activities and symptoms of mental disorders.
  1. Boosts daily happiness: Practicing yoga encourages a positive state of mind, which boosts one’s daily dose of happiness. Yoga can also be beneficial for individuals dealing with a severe mental illness like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), as such conditions make one experience nightmares and flashbacks. Practicing yoga can calm one’s senses and help him/her feel better.
  1. Improves memory: Performing yoga proves to be beneficial to an individual’s ability to concentrate and remember things. Crane, lotus, tree stand and plow are some of the common yoga poses practicing which improves one’s mental health.
  1. Curbs chronic pain effects on brain: Regular practice of yoga improves the gray matter content of the human brain, which is generally low in people dealing with chronic pain. Low level of gray matter is also a common cause of numerous other problems, such as emotional issues, impaired memory, low pain tolerance and reduced cognitive functioning. Practicing yoga and meditation on a regular basis helps in pain management and curbs all sorts of negative effects of chronic pain on the human brain.

Leading a healthy life

Practicing yoga regularly ensures an individual’s healthy life. According to, more than 15 million Americans practice yoga at least once per month. The International Day of Yoga offers us an opportunity to help the humanity reap the benefits of yoga and spread the message of physical and mental health.

The benefits of yoga are such that it is being included as an integral part of various treatment programs by the top mental health and addiction treatment facilities. Sovereign Health also uses yoga intensively to reap its benefits and speed up the recovery of its patients.

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