Grammy nominee Julia Michaels reveals her battle with anxiety

Grammy nominee Julia Michaels reveals her battle with anxiety

American singer and songwriter Julia Michaels has joined the league of celebrities publicizing their mental health problems. Michaels, who got two nominations (Best New Artist and Song of the Year) at the 60th Grammy Awards, has opened up about her struggle with anxiety. In a candid article for Glamour, published on Jan. 28, 2018, the 24-year-old star revealed how her first publishing contract as a songwriter introduced her to anxiety. For an 18-year-old girl, as she submitted, it was too much pressure to handle. The pressure to perform left her mind and body so stressed that she felt like trapped in a never-ending spiral. Many a times, she felt as if she was not able to breathe.

“I would rock back and forth, tapping my feet on the floor because I thought if I stopped I would pass out. I became afraid of everything. Going out. Eating. Driving. Writing,” the Issues singer wrote. Anxiety continued to “consume” her for the next several years. Anxious thoughts of potential accidents, allergies and other alarming scenarios bothered her every now and then.

As if it was not enough, she developed an intense stage fright, which troubled her during the Billboard Music Awards in 2017. She was onstage performing Issues for the first time. And, suddenly a major panic attack caught her as he headed toward the end of the song. She admitted to have hugged a keyboards player to tell her that she could not breathe.

After this horrific experience, Michaels started experiencing daily panic attacks. She recalled how she would sit in a ball and rock herself until she felt “ok.” She would often ask herself if she had to spend the rest of her life with that “constant broken feeling.” And, then the singer decided to seek help. She consulted a therapist to help her cope with her anxious thoughts.

Michaels wrote about the role of treatment in helping her identify the possible triggers of anxiety and learn the ways to deal with them. She recollected the moments when people, including her father, could not acknowledge the gravity of her panic attacks. One day while driving to Illinois with her family, she suddenly felt that she could not breathe. She stepped out of the car and stripped herself down to “leggings and a bra.”. Her dad, who had not seen an anxiety attack before, looked away like she was crazy. “That’s what anxiety does: It comes out of nowhere and causes chaos just for fun,” she asserted.

Michaels revealed that anxiety did not let her pursue singing and she remained a songwriter for several years. Anxiety dented her confidence and she always doubted her skills as a singer and performer. However, eventually, she was able to convince herself to take a shot at performing. And the rest is history. A chartbuster song, six years of successful career as a songwriter and two Grammy nominations, Michaels has achieved so much at such a young age that one could only dream of.

Dealing with anxiety disorders

Anxiety is a common mental health problem among Americans. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) suggests that nearly 40 million Americans aged 18 and older experience an anxiety disorder every year. However, the good thing is that anxiety-related problems are treatable with timely medical interventions.

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