Fearne Cotton on secretly battling depression and feeling anxious at events

Fearne Cotton on secretly battling depression and feeling anxious at events

An eternal optimist, a happy-go-lucky star and a successful radio presenter-turned-author, Fearne Cotton, has had the best of life. But no matter what the world saw on the outside, on the inside, she struggled with depression. In a recent interview with The Telegraph, Cotton revealed her struggles with mental disorder, putting on a fake smile and going to work while crying and feeling numb on the inside. The mother of two admitted that while she became overly sensitive and thought too much about everything, she took her mental illness to be somewhat of a normal 20-something moment. But slowly, the spark inside her began to extinguish.

Cotton’s mother and grandmother suffered from depression but she does not know if her depression is hereditary or due to circumstances. A chirpy and sunny person to the world, she has always been open about her mental health struggles. She realized that something was wrong when a very good friend suggested her to see a doctor. She shared with the media the sense of relief she got when the doctors were able to identify her illness. She also admitted that getting the illness diagnosed by a professional in time “took it away from being my fault.” But she never saw a therapist and instead, gradually revamped her lifestyle. Some of the changes that she made included slowly coming off the antidepressants and looking for other options, cutting back on her social life, reducing a lot of work and focusing more on her family. According to Cotton, the pressures that she continuously put on herself had a detrimental effect on her mental health and that letting go of being perfect every time made all the difference in her life.

Past experience with panic attack

Cotton has been a TV presenter for most of her life but she feels anxious and overwhelmed at plush showbiz events. Sometimes, it can be a strange and overwhelming experience for her. She avoids social media when she is feeling down.

In December 2017, she suffered her first panic attack. According to Cotton, there was a lot going on in her life and she felt exhausted. It happened while she was driving a motorway with a friend. At that time, she felt the acute symptoms as her chest began to tighten; she felt that she was going to black out and she had to be driven home. While she soon recovered from the incident, she now credits yoga and running to help out with her emotions.

On finding happiness

Though the TV presenter still has her depression triggers, her good health has helped her handle them effectively. Cotton now prioritizes her health by not drinking, surrounding herself with good people, getting a good night sleep and spending a lot of time at home where she is the happiest. Doing this has enabled her to handle her depression triggers effectively. She confessed that earlier she thought being respected and achieving great success to be the life’s greatest achievements, she now finds calm and joy being with people that she adores, dancing around the kitchen with her children or simply running in the park.

Path to recovery

An untreated mental illness can interfere with one’s moods, thoughts, feelings and behavior, and affect everyday activities, whether at school or work. Little bit of anxiety is experienced by most of us but when it is recurrent and unreasonable, it is a sign of an anxiety disorder that demands proper diagnosis and treatment.

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