Family Fun Month: Spend time with loved ones to keep depression at bay

Family Fun Month: Spend time with loved ones to keep depression at bay

Sara (name changed), a resident of Los Angeles with two young kids, visits her close relatives every weekend. “I really feel happy after we spend time together,” she says. Sara is among a few happy women in the United States who manage to take out some time from their busy schedule to meet loved ones. Spending time with friends and family members can help a person feel happy and stress-free. Research has indicated that spending quality time with loved ones can help wean off symptoms of depression. Researchers also stress that the time needs to be spent in person as opposed to modern ways of communicating through the web or any other electronic device.

Detailed examination of depressed people, regardless of their age group, has revealed significant changes in their health and behavior post their intimacy with close friends and relatives at least three times a week. Distance from loved ones or less frequency of meetings with them owing to job responsibilities or any other reason may result in severe depressive behavior.

The company of loved ones and relatives helps alleviate signs of depression in ways more than one. Health experts advise that building strong connections earlier in life is a novel way to ensure that these relationships continue for a lifetime and also lower the prevalence of depression. Physicians hail the company of friends and family no less than preventive medicine to keep the mental disorder at bay.

Young versus old

In today’s fast-paced society, one gets to see only nuclear families moving to cities for work while leaving the old and aged behind. While people cite rising expenses, along with differences of opinions that grow with age, the two generations have measurable consequences on each other’s mental health. Mental health practitioners stress how extended family members, viz., grandparents and grandchildren, serve an important role in each other’s lives.

August is “Family Fun Month” observed every year across the U.S. Health care advocates stress the importance of this event as an opportune time to spend with family and have extra fun and activities. While there may be many reasons to spend more time with friends and families, ensuring good mental health is one of the most important factors.

Journey to good mental health

Depressed people often tend to push their loved ones away. This is because of the ongoing anxiousness and persistent hopelessness that hollow them from inside, making them feel weird even about situations akin to happiness. Signs such as irritability or unwarranted anger make it difficult to concentrate. It is necessary to watch out for potential manifestations of depression in a family member or friend.

Mental health problems can affect anyone at any point of time. Everyone has a right to good mental health. While the causes and symptoms of psychiatric problems may be myriad, their effects are usually disastrous for most people who are unwilling to seek early treatment fearing backlash and discrimination.

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