Corey Hirsch speaks of his battle with mental illness

Corey Hirsch speaks of his battle with mental illness

So your favorite team won by beating the competitors hollow. Fun times, right? Not always. Because, sometimes there’s more than what is visible to us, there’s more behind closed doors and inside the athlete’s minds. Sometimes, there much more beneath the surface, biding its time to rear its ugly head and to put an end to everything – the fun, the spirit, the hard work, the discipline, the effort. That’s how being on the other side is, when you’re the one who holds the key to a million and sometimes billions of smiles or frowns. Quite daunting, isn’t it?

For the former AHL and NHL goalie Corey Hirsch, that’s exactly how his battle with mental illness was – daunting. It began with Hirsch, even after all those successes and the promising future ahead, nearly driving his car off a cliff. Life was perfect when he was on the ice, playing; and off ice, an absolute nightmare right from being plagued with loneliness to anxiety. Hirsch kept grappling with his inner demons off the field for a long time, until he decided to get help and started the path to recovery.

Hirsch is not the only one

Although very few come out in the open to talk about it, anxiety for sportspeople and athletes is very real. Be it Houston Rockets’ top draft pick, Royce White who suffers from ceaseless anxiety attacks or pro golfer Charlie Beljan’s very public panic attack during a game where he broke records but had also to be rushed to the hospital after.

While a lot of people do suffer from acute anxiety related issues – be it of crowded spaces or business meetings or something as simple as a visit to a coffee shop, their chosen profession makes it all the more difficult for sportsperson. For they have to brave their fears and apprehensions, play in front of thousands and sometimes millions of people under extreme pressure and yet emerge victorious.

A research by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) cites that nearly 85 percent of all the certified athletic trainers believe that anxiety disorder is an issue plaguing athletes in the campus. The signs and symptoms of anxiety disorder may include feeling powerless, apprehensive, having a sense of an impending doom, trembling, sweating profusely, breathing rapidly, increased heart rate and feeling tired. While each one of us experiences some or many of the symptoms from time to time, athletes with anxiety disorders experience these frequently and severely enough to hamper their ability to perform to their full potential.

Help is not far

It is important for the certified trainers and coaches to understand exactly how this anxiety disorder can wreak havoc on their trainees or athletes and impact their games, and also how to deal with these feelings and emotions before going on to the field. Athletes should also employ the help of licensed mental health professionals who can work with them closely to adapt and tailor these treatments to the professional’s exact needs and goals.

The Sovereign Health Group is committed to providing treatment and counseling for anyone dealing with anxiety disorders and other forms of mental illness. Our team of dedicated and compassionate experts will tailor a treatment plan to your specific needs to ensure a better life free of illness for you.

Contact the Sovereign Health for more information on treatment for mental health. You can call our 24/7 helpline number 866-973-7164 for expert advice on anxiety disorders treatment centers in California. You can also chat online to find out about the best mental health facilities in California.

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