Celebrities vocal about their ‘depression’ over Trump's victory

Celebrities vocal about their ‘depression’ over Trump’s victory

The recent Women’s March against newly elected U.S. President Donald Trump was arguably the “largest protest” of its kind in the nation’s history. Trump’s election has not gone down well many people in America. Post the November 2016 ballot, millions of Americans feel unprecedented dread and despair.

Many celebrities have joined the bandwagon, opposing the election of Trump as the nation’s leader. Many of them, such as Judd Apatow, Trevor Noah, and Seth MacFarlane, have been taking to social media to share their shock and anger. Celebrities including Lin-Manuel Miranda, Mark Duplass, and Jessica Chastain tweeted forward-thinking encouragements.

James Franco spirals ‘into depression’

The Oscar-nominated actor, James Franco has claimed that following the election outcome, he has spiraled into depression. Franco adds that he has been questioning everything that he is and has been doing.

In October 2016, the 38-year-old Hollywood star had endorsed Hillary Clinton via a parody video of Dos Equis beer. In the video, Franco calls Hillary “the most interesting woman in the world.” While the actor supported Hillary, it seems like her loss is taking a toll on his mental health. He admits that the past months have been rough for him.

In an interview with the Daily Beast to promote his latest film, “I Am Michael,” the actor said that he has been reacting really badly and that he has spiraled into depression post-election.

Madonna ‘broken’ and ‘devastated’

In an interview to Harper’s Bazaar, Madonna said that on the election night she kept a vigil with two religious texts – the Zohar and the Quran – at her side. Madonna said she prayed for Hillary’s victory and when that did not happen, she plunged into a depression that continues.

The singer said that she wakes up every morning and has the feeling one has when one breaks up with someone who really broke one’s heart. She said that she is broken, devastated, and has nothing. She feels totally lost.

Impact on California youth

According to educators, advocates, and mental health professionals, President Trump has triggered mental health issues among the young people in California. As per them, the youth in California are distressed by Trump’s policies concerning illegal immigration.

As per Jocelyn Wiener of Kaiser Health News, around the country, children and adolescents who are either undocumented immigrants or with undocumented family members are experiencing a surge in anxiety, stress, and depression. The same is also true for people belonging to other groups, including Islam and transgender youth, who are the victims of hate crimes.

The claims of increased depression, however, it is not backed by any concrete proof.

Protests over Trump’s inauguration

Even prior to Trump taking the presidential oath, filmmaker Michael Moore hosted an anti-inauguration celebration of resistance on January 19.

The event was attended by A-list stars, including Alec Baldwin, Robert De Niro, Cher, Julianne Moore, Sally Field, Mayor Bill de Blasio, and Reverend Al Sharpton. During the event, Moore discussed how to protest various pieces of legislation that President Trump promised during his election campaign. Urging people to join the protests, Moore said they did not need to leave their schools or jobs, but contact their congressional representatives or senators and let them know.

At the event, hoping for a brighter future for America, De Niro said that they all want the new administration to leave behind their “ignorant, racist, and disruptive plans” and lead the country with intelligence and compassion. He said whatever happens, “we, as Americans, will stand united for our rights and the rights of our fellow citizens.”

As Trump took the presidential oath on January 20, 2017 at the Capitol Hill, thousands of protesters flooded the streets shouting slogans against him. Many who couldn’t join the protests physically, took help of social media to express their anger and frustration over the election result.

While some said they were devastated and felt like the world had just ended, others said that it was raining at the inauguration day as America was crying.

There is hope

There could be various factors leading to depression, some internal, and many external, such as disappointment over election outcome. However, addressing the problem at the earliest can help contain it before it aggravates.

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