California ER doctor suspended for rebuking basketball player suffering from anxiety attack

California ER doctor suspended for rebuking basketball player suffering from anxiety attack

A Northern California emergency room (ER) doctor has been suspended after she was caught on camera misbehaving, mocking, cursing and ridiculing a 20-year-old basketball player who claimed to be suffering from an anxiety attack. Dr. Beth Keegstra (57) of El Camino Hospital in Los Gatos, was caught on video tape making fun of Samuel Bardwell, a newly enrolled student at West Valley College in Saratoga. As per the reports, Samuel was rushed to the ER after suffering from a severe anxiety attack during the school’s first summer basketball workout and passed out.

Samuel’s father Donald recorded the entire incident on his cell phone and shared the same on a social media site. In the video, Keegstra can be seen abusing Samuel multiple times, forcing him to sit even after his refusal. She can be heard making rude statements like, “I’m sorry, sir, you were the least sick of all the people who are here, who are dying. There, so you picked your head up. Now don’t try to tell me you can’t move. C’mon, sit up.” Keegstra even mocked Samuel when he shared his inability to breathe properly. The doctor even accused Samuel and his father of coming in for drugs.

Missing prescribed dosage probably triggered the attack

Donald said that Samuel had a history of anxiety attacks and takes Klonopin to manage them. The medicine is highly effective in treating conditions like seizures, panic disorders and anxiety attacks. However, Samuel had not taken the medicine before the anxiety attack as his prescription had run out and he hadn’t had the time to refill it.

Expressing sincere apologies in an official statement, the hospital said that Keegstra who has been a practicing physician for 31 years has been “removed from the work schedule, pending further investigation.” Also, the hospital is now working directly with Samuel and actively pursuing his case. Referring Keegstra’s conduct as unprofessional and a gross misrepresentation of what the hospital truly stands for, Dan Wood, the chief executive officer of El Camino Hospital, said that Keegstra has been removed from the schedule of all the hospitals she works at.

Seeking timely treatment for anxiety disorders

Experiencing occasional anxiety is not unusual and more often than not, it is a part of everyday life. But when one begins to experience episodes of anxiety on a regular basis, it is probably symptomatic of a more acute disorder. An anxiety disorder is associated with symptoms like fear, uneasiness, sleep issues, shortness of breath, dry mouth, etc. What’s alarming is the fact that the condition is increasingly affecting a large number of people in the United States. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), anxiety disorders affect approximately 18.1 percent of the total population.

It is important to understand that anyone can develop an anxiety disorder. Therefore, if an individual gets affected by it, he/she should not be discriminated and instead, should be offered the best kind of support to enable his/her recovery. Guiding him/her to contact some of the best treatment centers for anxiety disorders and seeking the most affordable anxiety disorders treatment can serve as a great help.

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