American women experience high levels of anxiety, depression, says WHO

American women experience high levels of anxiety, depression, says WHO

Millions of people in the United States are affected by wide-ranging mental health conditions every year. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), in 2015, there were over 43 million Americans aged 18 years or older – representing almost 18 percent of all adults in the country — with any mental illness (AMI) within the previous year. However, gender plays a significant role in precipitating mental illnesses such as anxiety or depressive disorders.

The World Health Organization’s 2017 report on the prevalence of common mental disorders suggests that depression rates among women in the region of the Americas are at 5.9 percent, which is at par with females in the African region and much higher than their counterparts in other world regions. On the other hand, men in the Americas reported a comparatively lower depression rate of 3.9 percent. While a whopping 7.7 percent of the female population across the Americas is estimated to suffer from anxiety, the men with the disorder report a relatively lower rate of 3.6 percent globally.

Supporting the WHO’s statistics, various studies have proven that from the moment a girl attains puberty until she reaches menopause, she is twice as likely to suffer from an anxious mind as compared to a man. Additionally, anxiety disorders also beginning to surface much earlier in women than in men. Experts attribute these gender-based differences to the distinct brain chemistry in both the sexes. Physiological reactions such as the acute stress response triggered by the brain are more promptly activated in women and remain in an activated state for a longer period of time than in the case of men. Neuroscience acknowledges the role of two important ovarian hormones — estrogen and progesterone — in the activation process.

Besides, there is sufficient evidence to attribute the way women respond to anxiety to the neurotransmitter serotonin, as the female brain does not process serotonin as rapidly as the male brain does. Importantly, research indicates that low levels of corticotrophin-releasing factor (CRF), which is a peptide hormone, and neurotransmitter involved in the stress response in mammals doubles their vulnerability to anxiety-related disorders.

Getting joy back into life

The U.S. is in the midst of a mental health crisis. However, mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder can be treated with timely medical intervention. The right mental health care can mean a world of difference between an endless cycle of medications or treatments and a reliable partner well-equipped with the expertise and required support to help patients.

Anxiety and depression must be nipped in the bud or else they can be immensely devastating. Sadly, many people fail to realize that such full-blown mental health conditions can be a root cause of numerous other maladies if left untreated.

Generally, treatment options for women suffering from depression or anxiety-related disorders are the same as men, with the exception of pregnant women or those hoping to conceive in the near future. An effective treatment may often include a combination of medication such as antidepressants, tranquilizers or anticonvulsants in certain cases and patient-specific psychotherapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy involving a professional mental health expert has also proven to be successful in helping individuals to modify their thinking patterns and live productive lives.

Sovereign Health can help

Sovereign Health provides holistic treatments for all kinds of mental health disorders as well as any underlying health condition. Sovereign Health of Chandler, Arizona offers a variety of customized mental health treatment programs suited to treat women from ages 18 to 65 who are struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues. In addition to individual and group psychotherapy, a patient can also opt for alternative therapeutic activities such as yoga, equine therapy, art therapy and breathing techniques to regain control of life.

Our experienced team of mental health professionals believes that the way to deal with mental disorders should be on similar lines as in other chronic conditions, which require regular check-ups, monitoring adherence to treatment and tolerability. Whether you are looking for depression treatment centers in California or at a place closer home, we have facilities in all major places in the country. Our residential mental health treatment programs in California are among the best in the nation. You can call our 24/7 helpline at 866-973-7164 or chat online with our representatives who are available for your queries on mental health problems.

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