8 smartphone apps that help depression

8 smartphone apps that help depression

Smartphones aren’t only for bright, flashy games about birds and fruit – they can also be a valuable resource for mental health treatment. Here are eight smartphone apps designed to help individuals with depression find resources, learn therapy techniques and regain control of their lives.

  1. Depression CBT Self-Help Guide

Depression CBT Self-Help Guide is not unlike having a therapist in your pocket. This app provides its users with access to well-written articles about cognitive behavioral therapy, an evidence-based treatment program that helps people with depression identify – and correct – negative thought patterns. By reading these articles, individuals can learn to practice cognitive behavioral therapy and other self-help behaviors in their daily life. This app also includes a cognitive thought diary so that users can measure the severity of their depression, identify stressful thinking and learn to respond to life’s challenges with positive feedback.

This app also offers soothing audio tracks designed to help people meditate and relax.

Depression CBT Self-Help Guide is available for Android for free.

  1. Depressioncheck

Depression and other mental illnesses frequently go ignored, in part because many people do not recognize the symptoms. With Depressioncheck, users can evaluate their mental health by performing an easy-to-use questionnaire. Along with evaluating the risk and severity of depression, this app also allows individuals to determine whether or not they’re at risk of anxiety, bipolar disorder or PTSD. Users can then receive input for how to find a doctor to diagnose or treat their condition.

Depressioncheck is available for iPhone for free.

  1. Pain & Depression Relief

Pain & Depression Relief is designed to address insomnia, a common occurrence in individuals who suffer from depression and/or chronic pain. This app provides users with calming songs and sounds that have been specifically crafted to promote sleep.

What sets Pain & Depression Relief apart from the rest, however, is its use of binaural sound. Binaural sound, also known as 3D sound, involves playing different sounds in different ears to create the illusion of three dimensions. This impressive and immersive experience has been likened to IMAX.

Pain & Depression Relief is available for Android for $1.99 and for iPhone for $0.99.

  1. Psych Drugs

The world of psychiatric medication can be confusing and overwhelming – Psych Drugs works to remedy that. With this handy app, users can learn how medications differ from one another, what types of drugs are useful for which conditions, and information about common and uncommon side effects. Psych Drugs also includes a dictionary of medical terms so users can be informed when researching their condition or discussing their symptoms with a doctor.

Psych Drugs is available for Android and iPhone for free.

  1. Fig

Fig is an application that inspires its users to follow healthy living habits. Fig is designed not only for people with depression, but for anybody who craves a little more wellness in their lives. This app categorizes healthy activities into six groups: eat, move, refresh, feel, connect and go further. Every day, the app encourages its users to complete a selection of these activities.

It also provides valuable information about how these activities – for instance, getting a good night’s rest – improve overall health. Individuals can input their own wellness activities and can share their progress with others.

Fig is available for Android for free and for iPhone for $1.99.

  1. Smiling Mind

Smiling Mind is an app geared specifically toward adolescents who are suffering from stress, anxiety or depression. This app was developed by psychologists who have received special training in adolescent therapy.

Smiling Mind offers its users daily meditation geared for specific age groups. It keeps track of how long individuals meditate, then offers a questionnaire to gauge how relaxed or anxious they feel after each meditation session.

Smiling Mind is available for Android and iPhone for free.

  1. SuperBetter

SuperBetter is a self-help app designed as a game. Each day, its users receive small challenges – for instance, drink a glass of water or take a walk around the block – designed to increase motivation and mental well-being. Successfully completed challenges provide the users with points and power-ups not unlike a video game. Individuals also have the option to customize their “quests” to cater to their unique challenges and goals.

SuperBetter is available for iPhone for $4.99.

  1. Sleep Cycle

Many people with depression have difficulties with sleeping too much or too little. Sleep Cycle is a revolutionary app that tracks people’s sleep stages and wakes them up during the lightest part of their cycle. This makes waking up in the morning a more serene, rejuvenating experience. Sleep Cycle users simply need to place their phone under their mattress near their pillow – the app then analyzes movements and determines whether or not they’re awake, dreaming or in deep sleep.

Sleep Cycle also lets people record events throughout their day – for instance, whether they’ve consumed caffeine or exercised – to determine how these events influence sleep quality.

Sleep Cycle is available for iPhone for $0.99.

Sovereign Mental Health Services unique brain wellness program uses many of the therapeutic techniques outlined above to help patients recover, relax and ultimately become the person they want to be. For more questions, please contact 866-954-0529.

Written by Courtney Lopresti, M.S. neuroscience, Sovereign Health Group writer

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