7 tips to fight stress and lead a happy life

7 tips to fight stress and lead a happy life

Everyone goes through a low phase in life, when nothing seems to be working out and life appears to be engulfed by fear and uncertainty. But when this frustration or fear lasts for a prolonged period, it could be a sign of a stress-related disorder. Many people use self-help techniques to control bouts of emotional upheavals, but there are many others who do not know the way out and continue to experience debilitating symptoms of stress which can have a negative impact on their mind and body.

To improve the quality of life and reduce harmful effects of stress, it is important to identify the causes and symptoms of the mental illness. There can be many stressors in one’s life, including both positive, such as getting married or a new job, and negative, such as relationship or financial problems. In order to increase happiness and to lead a balanced life, it is important to follow certain de-stressing tips. Some of these self-help techniques are:

  • Focusing on daily routine: Tuning oneself to stress-busting routines by making small changes in daily schedule can go a long way in helping someone cultivate resilience to stress and related symptoms. Incorporating mindfulness practices, such as meditation and breathing exercises, can be an effective way to relax nerves and clear the mind of destructive thoughts.
  • Eating small nutritious meal: In most cases, hunger and lack of energy may trigger feelings of anxiety or stress. Therefore, it is important to keep oneself full and hydrated to counter the effects of everyday stressors, such as a stressful situation at work or being stuck in a traffic jam.
  • Doing some light exercise: Setting a reasonable goal can help people find time to exercise between a busy schedule. Stress depletes body’s energy to carry out cognitive functions effortlessly, however, staying physically active can improve alertness and help fight the blues. Even a simple aerobic exercise can boost the chemicals in the brain, induce sleep and stabilize mood.
  • Keeping away from stressful situation: Though it is difficult to stay away from things that cause stress, it is advisable to slowly limit one’s exposure to people and circumstances that can cause stress.
  • Listening to music: Studies have shown that soothing music can be a powerful stress management tool. Just like medications, a light and soft music can work wonders by changing brain functioning and altering stress levels.
  • Aromatherapy: An evidence-based aromatherapy, including fragrance of flowers or other plant-based compounds, is a safe and effective way to remove stress and anxiety. In fact, these are effective in reducing fight-or-flight associated hormones even when inhaled in small doses.
  • Maintaining healthy relationships: It has been found that socializing with friends or spending quality time with family members can help in developing healthy relationships and getting support during crisis.

Stress can be a highly debilitating condition and, at times, can give rise to serious physical ailments such as cardiovascular diseases or mental disorder such as depression. Hence, it is important to know about the risk factors and seek professional help in case self-help techniques fail to deliver the desired results.

Seeking professional help

Though the benefits of self-help techniques in alleviating stress and anxiety levels are known, one needs to seek professional advice for complete amelioration of the disorder.

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